this is the internal working group of geographic founders that comprise the magic behind - engineers, creatives, and people like you

Humanity Connect [.me] is what will be the “tell us about your vision and skills” page, so we can appropriately add you to the network, and give you early access, – as a founder of node (or tree) (change to clever relatable word) in your area, – you will have a dramatic affect and effect of the shape and strength and health – vibrancy – reach – and adoption and understanding – of the network, and how it can help your community, your personal life, your professional life, and your research projects, and then some- and help you keep organized, and find new things among an ever growing sea of data out there..

We're thinking. and We're doing stuff. And it doesn't follow any of the rules.. We're building this from scratch, and that doesn't mean it uses plugins. We really do mean, “scratch.” Join us.

Help us Engineer the future. A kinder, better world. The one you forgot about when you “grew up.” But – with the experiential knowledge of the world feeding its shape with many intentional creators, we can really do presently (to most)– – incomprehensibly cool and powerful things.

Seriously, Join us. If you're talented but can't quite make sense of this, don't worry- it's a big project, and it's very very very very very un-definable. It's a thing. There. Happy? Now tell me what you're good at so you can shine appropriately..

all the best,

Omar M. Amer

[main project announcements for and will live and be fed to and be presented/live at: The

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